XeroPhyte Electronics (P) Ltd is a distributor of unique solutions in INDIA. Its members are having excellent hands on long experience from R&D to marketing. Excellent micro controllers from CORERIVER, which is 3 times faster and compatible then 8052 Intel core instructions. It works in 4 clock cycle instead of 12 clock cycle to execute one instruction. It has many application specific micro controllers along with security chip. No body can copy embedded program even in hex format. A unique solutions form nSysTech called Xbridge, HomeBay (exclusive for Broadband internet modems), IPSP (exclusive security processor) and NPinG (Network Processor). The applications are modem, VPN etc.

A unique TOP (TCP/IP offload platform) form WIZnet this is not as “Software TCP/IP” stack. This is H/W TCP/IP stack. This ASSP can be used in OS and OS less based embedded system. One can use it as memory mapping in his/her design. Ethernet connectivity good throughput is possible even with 8-bit MCU (Micro controller unit) without deep knowledge of TCP/IP. It is used in DVR, MP3, Remote control, Security Systems, STB and DTV etc.


Apart form this XEPL is ready to design any project (H/W and S/W). XEPL is committed to satisfy the customer’s need and help them to complete his/her design within time.


Our Goal:-

Our main goal is the customer satisfaction through quality and reliability of Products and Services, to be achieved by continually improving our Products and Services.